Warnings of Mary for 2016


There is always Grace before Judgment!  Perhaps Catholics have already received an over abundance of such prophetic Grace!

But in the very real sphere of the Catholic Communion of the Saints, more abundance of real Grace is still at hand!

This is why a uniquely temporal collection of warnings from Our Blessed Mother is awaiting you.

Avail yourself in humility and expectation of these Blessed Admonitions, Consolations and Warnings.  Whether clergy or laity, act now, for there is no promise of this Internet resource tomorrow.

Study to show thyself approved!  Be as the Sons of Issachar who were truly blessed because of an understanding of the times in which they lived!

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And be additionally Blessed and especially favored by sharing with your friends, family and religious.  Time is Finite but Love is our forever concern….


Warnings of Mary for 2016